Makeup Games for Little Girls


Makeup Games for Little GirlsHow about makeup games for little girls that are absolutely not going to end up in a big mess? Experience has taught us that little girls playing with makeup usually results in a big mess. The mathematical formula for this scenario might look like this: little girls + real makeup – constant supervision = a really big mess + destroyed makeup + messy furniture, floors, countertops x one frustrated mom. So why not change that formula to the following: little girls + pretend makeup – constant supervision = no mess + mom’s makeup still in-tact + clean furniture, floors & countertops x one very happy mom! You and your daughter’s satisfaction while playing makeup games for little girls will be dramatically enhanced if you do. It’s a superior formula. Plus, all the parents seem to LOVE our little girls make up and no mess


We all know that those are not real mathematical formulas, but I’ve always wanted to write an equation for this particular problem. Right now you may be asking “What is this pretend makeup you put in the second formula?” Mini-Play Makeup was invented by a mom who was fed up experiencing the first formula while little girl played makeup games. Her daughter was constantly getting into her makeup and making a mess of everything. She thought “There has to be a better way.” And there was.

Include Mess-Free Makeup in your Makeup Games for Little Girls

Switch formulas and make your daughters’ makeup games for little girls mess free by selecting Mini-Play Makeup’s pretend makeup. We’ve designed it to look and feel so real that you’ll be amazed. We see most mothers check their finger tip after rubbing it across our makeup products because it feels so real. We’ve gone to great lengths to choose colors that appear real and appeal to little girls as well. So check out Mini-Play Makeup for your little girls’ makeup games. You’ll be glad you did.