Makeup for Little Girls


Makeup for Little GirlsEven the worst of situations can be calmed when given the Right Tools: Pretend Makeup for little girl’s tools! When my eight-year-old son was two, he was sort of like the Tasmanian Devil cartoon character from The Looney Tunes back in the 70′s. Taz, as we have grown to call him over the years, would spin around and look like a little tornado as he made his way criss-cross the screen to the spot where Bugs Bunny or some other hapless bystander would cross his path. When he would stop, he would rant and rave while flailing his arms about in an out-of-control fashion. He left a path of destruction behind him… much like the Taz tornado did. Add to this a curious streak that feels compelled to open every door, container and drawer that is within reach and you have a very messy tornado. Here came the thought of makeup for little girls, to the rescue!

Pretend Makeup for Little Girls Will Get Them Out of Yours!

So, when my daughter came along, I had hopes that she would be the exact opposite… unfortunately, Taz rubbed off on her on the feminine side of things. She was constantly into my wife’s makeup, her own hair bows and ribbons adorned stuffed animals and baby dolls. The brushes and combs could never be found without a deep spring cleaning, and let’s just say that that the nail polish was found anywhere but her fingernails.

My wife is very patient- and creative, I might add-and in her infinite wisdom, found a way to slow down the vortex of chaos. She created pretend makeup for kids. Her toy makeup line consists of everything from roll-on lipstick, to 100% mess -free finger nail polish. Eyes and cheeks are adorned (imaginatively) in a multitude of shades including Mocha, Pinkle, True Blue, Cherry Blossom, and Pink Petals. Now, I’m not really a guy who considers himself in touch with his feminine side, but even I can see that a vortex of chaos can be calmed with the right tools and I don’t mean a hammer. For this tool time my daughter only needs her pretend makeup for little girls.