Makeup Christmas Gift for Girls


So, you are looking for makeup Christmas gift for girls. If you are looking for a girl aged 3-9 you may just want to consider a play makeup gift for your girl(s). What is a play makeup gift? Essentially, it is fake makeup that is made to look and feel like real makeup. Well, it depends on who makes it as to whether or not it feels real. Mini-Play Makeup makes fake makeup that looks and feels realistic to the touch. Which means she will play with it. Which means, she will smile and you will smile. You see, one of the issues with makeup and girls in that age range is that it can be messy and usually requires your supervision. With a pretend makeup kit from you can let her play all she wants unsupervised and you will never have to deal with a makeup mess again thanks to a good Christmas gift for girls.

Pretend Makeup Christmas Gifts for Girls

Makeup Christmas Gift for GirlsMothers have told us, after they introduced Mini-Play Makeup kits to their daughters that two things happen. First, their daughter plays with it repeatedly and for years at a time. One mother reported her daughter played with her pretend makeup set for over four years. That’s staying power for a toy! The second thing that will happen is that your daughter will not be getting into your makeup any longer if she gets a makeup Christmas gift for girls. How can that be?

Mini-Play Makeup toy makeup kits or ala carte are great makeup Christmas gift for girls because of the reasons stated. The trick here is feeling like real makeup. After all some of the other fake makeup products available vaguely resemble real makeup but they don’t feel realistic whatsoever. Consequently, they get back into your makeup and the messes continue. However, because Mini-Play Makeup feels like real makeup, 9 out of 10 moms who touch the surface immediately examine their fingertip to see if any color transferred, little girls play with it for months and years. And they no longer get into mom’s makeup. So, both of you win. Try it today. You and she will be glad you did.