Little Girls Purse


Little Girls PurseIf you are searching for the ideal little girls purse this season, why not take it a bit further and make it a little girl’s pretend makeup purse that includes pretend makeup, accessories and the purse itself? You can make it a complete kit at Mini-Play Makeup creates pretend makeup kits for little girls and their mom’s who want to pretend at applying makeup. But whose mom’s don’t want the makeup mess to clean up later. Mom’s, we know you have lots of better ways to spend your time than supervising your little girls during makeup time. Mini-Play Makeup makes fake makeup that looks and feels real and we provide great makeup gifts for little girls! It’s real enough that your little one will play with it for a very long time. Moms who have purchased Mini-Play Makeup two years ago report back to us that their daughters still play with their play makeup kits even after two years.

Make your Little Girls Purse a Play Makeup Kit this year

Not only that, they also report that their daughters no longer get into mom’s makeup any longer. Consequently, no more makeup messes for mom’s who buy Mini-Play Makeup kits for their little girl’s purse for Christmas, birthdays or even Valentine’s Day and Easter. Mini-Play Makeup was created by a mother whose daughter kept making messes with mom’s makeup. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for she decided to experiment with the idea of a realistic looking and feeling makeup line that little girls would go crazy over! Voila’, Mini-Play Makeup was born.

Not only do little girls go crazy over Mini-Play Makeup, but so do their mothers! Most people who rub their finger across the surface of our makeup immediately examine their finger tip to see if any color transferred to their finger. Nothing ever does because it’s not real makeup85 But it sure feels real and that’s one of the reasons it works. So, get your little girls purse from today. You, and she, will be glad you did.