Little Girls Nail Polish


Little Girls Nail PolishA Solution for Fathers Who Must Endure Their Daughter’s Little Girls Nail Polish Games. All right dads, those of you with daughters who make you hold still while she applies little girls nail polish to all ten of your digits. Here’s a solution that will allow you to still adore your daughter but not have to endure hot pink, or razzleberry red nails while shopping at home depot. You are not alone in this plight. There are many of us who have worn gloves of shame in grocery stores or endured the pain of nail polish remover just after having them painted so we could go with confidence in public. The solution is simple, little girls’ pretend nail polish from Mini-Play Makeup.

Mini-Play Makeup is a company founded by a mother who was fed up with her daughter getting into her makeup and making a mess out of whatever room she was in. She knew that daughters instinctively emulate their mothers applying makeup. These two issues provided the perfect brainstorm to inspire her to invent makeup that looks and feels so real you will check your finger tip after rubbing it across our makeup products. Check out our makeup for little girls, kits, lipstick and more.

So Let your Daughter Paint Your Nails with Little Girls Nail Polish!

She can paint your nails all day long and there won’t be thing to take off the morning after! Our little girls’ nail polish is 100% mess free. With a real nail polish bottle, real working brush, and realistic colors our little girls nail polish provides hours of imaginary play that’s worry free for moms and dads. So go ahead, let your daughter paint your nails with a nail polish from Mini-Play Makeup. She will still have a bundle of fun, and you still get to dote on her, but you won’t have to wear gloves or endure the humiliation any more.