Little Girls Makeover


Little Girls MakeoverHow about a little girls makeover that she can give herself? One that leaves behind no mess and yet she can repeat it over and over while playing by herself. That92s exactly what you get with a retend makeup set from Mini-Play Makeup. Mini-Play Makeup was invented by a mom whose daughter repeatedly got into her makeup and made a mess every time97not just a mess of her makeup, but the carpets, counter, furniture and clothing. Our founder thought, 93There must be something out there that I can get her to keep her out of my makeup.94 Unfortunately, she couldn92t find anything.

However, she didn92t let that stop her. She set about to create her own line of pretend makeup and Mini-Play Makeup products are the result of that effort. Her daughter hasn92t made a mess with her makeup ever since. Her daughter now enjoys giving herself a little girls makeover daily when she plays with Mini-Play Makeup pretend makeup. Her friends come over and always want to play with her pretend makeup set to give each other little girls92 makeovers.

Give your Daughter a Little Girl92s Makeover that She will Enjoy Every Day

Give your daughter a little girls makeover from Mini-Play Makeup and let her give herself and her friends makeup for little girls makeovers with zero mess. She will be glad you did and you will be glad you did each time she plays with her pretend makeup kit. We hear from mothers who have had our kits for over a year and they report that their daughters still play with their pretend makeup kit from Mini-Play Makeup. Get yours today and discover a makeover that can be given over and over without any extra costs to you, in dollars or in clean up.