Little Girl Purse


Little Girl PurseIf a little girl purse is on your daughter’s Christmas wish list for this Christmas, than you want to check out the pretend makeup kit purses at Why? Because not only are they incredibly cute and charming but they are also part of an even more charming line of pretend “fake” makeup gift for little girls and their mom’s who don’t want to clean up a makeup mess after their little ones finish playing with it. After all, shouldn’t pretending to be old enough to apply makeup still be pretending? We think so.

Choose Your Little Girl Purse Today

Our little girl purses at are designed to be appealing to both mothers and little girls. They are the perfect vehicle for carrying our fake makeup as well as combs, brushes, and anything else a little girl wants to cart around in her purse. A purse isn’t complete without pretend makeup. It’s that pretending that helps develop imaginations and shape them into who they will be one day. You, like us, feel that children need to use their imaginations to develop latent talents and pretending is a great way to do that. Thus, pretending with our little girl purses is not only good for mom, but good for your daughter as well.

If a little girl purse is a place to put a comb, a brush, lip roller, compact and other such items, than you will find one that not only functions as a place holder for all those items, but one that also has visual appeal for both mom and their little girls. We designed our girls’ purses to be appealing across the different ages and to function as well. You will be thrilled with the look and feel of a little girls purse from Mini-Play Makeup. Go choose yours today.