Perfect Little Girl Gifts


Perfect Little Girl GiftsSelecting little girl gifts can be challenging for all of us, moms, aunts, grandmothers included. We recognize that at Mini-Play Makeup, which is why we created our pretend line of fake makeup toys. We, like you, know that little girls want to be just like mom. Consequently, they do things that make us laugh, and sometimes cry. Such as when they get into your makeup to put on your makeup, just like mom. The only issue with that is that they usually make a glorious mess as they are doing it. Which is why a pretend makeup kit from Mini-Play Makeup is one of the all-time great little girl gifts available to you today!

The secret to it being a little girl gifts great lies in the fact that Mini-Play Makeup pretend makeup looks like real makeup visually. Of course, it helps that we use real makeup containers. However, more important than just looking like real makeup is feeling like real makeup when you touch its surface. fake makeup feels so much like real makeup that when you rub your fingertip across the surface of it you will want to examine your fingertip to see if any color, lotion, powder, or cream transferred to your fingertip. It feels that real!

Realistic Mess free Little Girl Gifts

Mothers who have bought a Mini-Play Makeup kit for their little girl gifts need, tell us two very important things. First, their daughters love to play with it and play with it a lot for long periods. In one case, one or our customers told us that her daughters played with their kits for four years! By the time they quit playing with their kits they had out grown the phase where they were getting into mom’s makeup any longer. Oh, and that’s the second thing they tell us. Once their daughters have their very own realistic pretend play makeup from, they never get back into moms makeup. Ever! And that’s half the battle. That makes it great as a little girl gifts list item. Our gifts for little girls are loved by both the parents and the kids… all 100% mess free :)