Lip Gloss For Little Girls


Lip Gloss For Little GirlsGrowing up in the late 70s early 80s, I remember gigantic tubes of lip gloss for little girls that would cover both top and bottom lips with one swipe. They came in delicious flavors that tempted even teenage girls to secretly lick their lips after applying it. I remember consuming tubes of lip gloss one lick at a time because who can pass up flavors like Coconut Cream, Strawberry Lemonade or Chocolate Carmel Sundae? I92ve seen my two-year-old scrape every last bit of flavored lip gloss for little girls with his little fingers. Who knows what artificial chemicals he92s just put into his little body? This is one reason I developed a non-toxic, 100% mess free, lip gloss as part of the Mini-Play Makeup line.

Mini-Play Makeup92s little girls lip gloss is perfect for little hands. Its roller-style ball top glides gently over little lips giving your little girl the realistic experience of applying real gloss! All little girls like the feeling of putting on lip gloss. With Mini-Play Makeup92s lip gloss you don92t have to worry about your child making a mess or eating their gloss with our makeup for little girls. No more lip gloss for dessert! Our 93lip gloss94 is fragrance free and liquid free keeping your child free from any harmful dyes, artificial flavors and chemicals.

The Perfect Lip Gloss for Little Girls on the Market

Our lip gloss fits perfectly into little hands and little pockets for makeup on the go. But unlike real lip gloss, it won92t make a mess if it goes through the wash in one of those tiny little pockets. And you don92t have to worry about your little one eating our lip gloss for dessert. Mini-Play Makeup92s lip gloss for little girls offers a smooth roll-on action that adds to the realistic play of putting on lipstick but with ZERO MESS! Nothing comes out of the tube! It’s the crowning piece to our pretend makeup line that little girls love.