Kids Toxic Free Fake Makeup


Kids Toxic Free Fake MakeupYou have found the best kids toxic free fake makeup on the market today. Mini-Play Makeup is a pretend (fake) makeup line for kids. Our founder kept finding her daughter in her makeup and making a terrible mess. She was sure there was a solution out there for her. When she couldn92t find what she was looking for, she decided to invent her own. Now Mini-Play Makeup has a full line of toxic-free fake makeup kits as well as ala cart items to create your own kits to suit the needs of your child. Mini-Play pretend makeup products look real and feel real too. Check out our YouTube channel to hear testimonials about toxic free makeup from mothers and grandmothers who have had our pretend makeup products in their home for over a year and see how they feel about it. Use our contact us page on our web site to clarify any questions you might have.

Looking for Kids Toxic-Free Fake Makeup? You92ve Just Found It!

Mini-Play Makeup uses materials that have been in mainstream craft stores for years and insists on all suppliers to prove they are toxic free prior to doing any business with them. Although our original motivation was to create something that would prevent the mess that takes place with young children get into mother92s makeup we have also taken the extra step to ensure that we provide toxic-free fake makeup for your children because we recognize that is vitally important to you.

You Won92t Find a Better Kids Toxic-Free Fake Makeup

We recognize that you want the best solution when you look for kids toxic free fake makeup. We are confident that you will agree with us when we say that you won92t find a better solution than those available from Mini-Play Makeup.