Kids Pretend Makeup


Kids Pretend MakeupIf you want your kids or grandkids to stay interested in kids pretend makeup, it better look and feel real–at least that’s our experience here at Mini-Play Makeup. Our nail polish, compact, blush, shadows and everything else at Mini-Play Makeup provides such an authentic experience it will give your little girl that grown-up feeling of having her very own makeup. Our pretend makeup for kids is 100% mess free, making it 100% worry free!

At Mini-Play Makeup, our mission is to create pretend makeup for kids that looks and feels so real that you actually look at your fingertip after you touch it. Whether it is rubbing your fingers across our Mocha, True Blue or Pinkle eye shadows–favorites in our line of kids pretend makeup–or rolling the Cotton Candy lip color across little lips, feeling believes! The silky smooth texture makes Mini-Play Makeup the only kids pretend makeup on the market that actually feels real.

Just One Touch of our Pretend Makeup for Kids and you’ll think it’s real . . . But it’s Not!

I recall a recent craft fair where eight out of ten visitors stopped and looked at their finger tip after “trying out” our pretend makeup for kids. The fact that they had to check their finger tips to see if any makeup transferred is validation each time we see it.

Go ahead, try our kids pretend makeup! We can pretty much guarantee that you too will do the finger check. You will try to resist the urge, but somewhere deep down, you won’t rest until you do. Just one touch and you’ll be convinced! Go ahead…we dare you not to look. Check out the makeup, the makeup kits and accessories and have them delivered right to your doorstep and watch your child smile.