Kids Pretend Make Up


Kids Pretend Make UpWhy would anyone be looking for kids pretend make up? I can think of several reasons but the basic reason is because all kids either come into this world with a pre-programmed desire to want to grow up and be like their parents. As such, they imitate us in every aspect they can. One of the things they repeatedly do is get into mom92s makeup creating a glorious mess in their attempt to imitate her. That92s one of the key reasons that we find ourselves looking for kids pretend make up, isn92t it?

Have you been Looking for Kids Pretend Makeup?

As adults, we can look back on our days of imitating our parents. Images of little boys found with shaving cream all over their faces about to cut themselves as they attempt to shave. Little girls dressing up in mom92s heels nylons and dresses sashaying in front of the mirror. Kids pretend make up is designed to enable that same type of imitation for our children85 but without the accompanying annoying messes that real makeup creates.

Kids Pretend Makeup Needs to Look and Feel Real

For kids pretend makeup to keep your child out of your makeup and stay focused on her own makeup, it needs to look and feel real. Mini-Play Makeup is the perfect pretend makeup line because it does both. Mini-Play Makeup is unlike any other pretend makeup line because it was designed to look so real and feel so real that it would hold a child92s attention for hours. Our makeup line is 100% fake so don92t believe for a minute that we are only calling it 93pretend94 when it92s really real like so many other companies do. Mini-Play makeup was created by a mother whose daughter kept getting into her makeup and creating the messes we92ve all experienced. She was motivated to get her daughter out of her makeup and created something so effective that she decided to share it with everyone else. Try it today and see for yourself!