Great Gifts for Little Girls


Great Gifts for Little GirlsWhat are the qualities that make great gifts for little girls? Is it packaging? Appearance? Smell? Or Form, Fit & Function? Or some of each of those? How about staying power? What do I mean by staying power? How long it will be played with. We don’t mean, how long on a given day per se, but we do mean how many months of years it will be played with. Or, how about the peace of mind the great gifts for little girls can provide for you as a mother? That certainly could be factored into the equation.

Let’s look at both of these as they relate to a pretend makeup kit from Mini-Play Makeup at You see, Mini-Play Makeup was created to do two things. The first was to provide a suitable mess free alternative for little girls that would prevent them from getting into mother’s makeup any longer. It had to look like real makeup and feel like real makeup to the touch for it to keep little girls’ attention away from mom’s real makeup. After all, if it isn’t very convincing it won’t keep their attention, she won’t play with it and she will be right back into your real makeup again, making a very real mess. Mini-Play Makeup makes pretend (Fake) makeup for little girls that looks and feels like real makeup so your daughter will be content enough to play with it instead of getting into your makeup any longer.

The Other Reason it is Among the Great Gifts for Little Girls

We started with the value of longevity as one of the considerations of qualities of great gifts for little girls. We will finish with it as well. We’ve heard several stories from mothers who have purchased a pretend makeup kit from us that their daughters have played with their Mini-Play Makeup kit for over two years. In one case, a mother shared that her daughter has played with it for over four years! They’re simply the best gifts for 5 year olds… That’s amazing. Oh, and by the way, they also each informed us that their daughters no longer got into their real makeup after getting their own pretend makeup kit from Mini-Play Makeup.