Girls Pretend Toy Make Up


Girls Pretend Toy Make UpIf you are looking for girls pretend toy make up for your little one, you probably want something that looks like real makeup, but doesn’t make a mess when she plays with it. Otherwise, you would just get real makeup and let her have her way with it. Well, we like you, think that cleaning up messes isn’t the most optimal use of our time. Consequently, we introduce you to Mini-Play Makeup. The best available girls’ pretend toy make up today. What makes it the best? Simply because it looks more like real makeup and feels more like real makeup than any other pretend toy makeup on the market today.

First, it looks like real makeup because it is based off of real makeup components such as cases, and brushes. Look at the images and see for yourself. It looks very realistic. And that is important in grabbing and keeping the attention of your little one so that they don’t get bored and end up back in your makeup again. Second, Mini-Play Makeup does something that no other girls’ pretend toy make up does. It feels like real makeup to the touch. We are constantly amazed at how many people will rub their fingers across the surface of our makeup and then immediately visually examine their finger tips to see if any color showed up. Since our makeup is fake, no color or substance is on their finger tip; therefore, no mess to clean up for you later. Your little one will just love their girls pretend toy make up and you’ll love not having to clean up after them!

Get Your Girls Pretend Toy Make Up Today

Say good bye to makeup messes forever. Mothers who have purchased play makeup from Mini-Play Makeup report that their little ones still play with their pretend makeup from Mini-Play Makeup as much as two years later and that their daughters stopped getting into mom’s makeup. That’s a pretty compelling cause and effect case. Get Mini-Play Makeup and your daughter will play with it for years plus she will stop making messes with your makeup – a strong correlation indeed.