Girls Pretend Make Up


Girls Pretend Make UpLet me guess. In your search for girls pretend make up you92ve searched the mall, the department stores, and even the dollar stores and haven92t found anything that remotely meets your needs. Well, that92s not so much a guess as it is an experience that I had prior to creating Mini-Play Makeup. I wanted girls pretend make up for my daughter and could not find it anywhere. She was constantly getting into my makeup and making messes. I knew there was a need but couldn92t accept the fact that it hadn92t been created yet. Finally, I decided to make my own. My daughter has been playing mess free ever since. And so have thousands of other little girls.

Searching for Girls Pretend Make Up?

I wanted, just like you, a girls pretend make up that looked like real makeup and that felt like real makeup, but was not real makeup. I didn92t want the mess that accompanies real makeup. So, in essentially, I was creating a girls pretend make up not only for my daughter, but also for myself. One that was realistic enough for her yet, that didn92t leave a mess for me. And I created just that. Mini-Play Makeup is realistic to the eye and to the touch. I continue to marvel at how many women who touch the pretend makeup surface examine their fingertips to see if any color transferred. And just to be sure, they do it again. Sorry, no mess to be found here.

You Have Found the Ideal Girls Pretend Make Up

Check out our Facebook page and customer comments on our site and you will see others who have had the same experience. And then see for yourself. You will not find a more ideal solution for your daughter and for yourself. Go ahead, go mess free today.