Girls Play Make Up


Realistic Girls Play Make upWhen most of us think of girls play makeup we think of that very cheap plastic stuff that is clearly not real makeup. It doesn’t look real. It doesn’t feel real to the touch. That’s what we grew up on, if we had any exposure to it at all. Most of us didn’t have anything, so we contented ourselves with getting into our mom’s makeup and playing with that; which is probably why we are interested in girls play makeup now. The roles have switched. We are now the mom and our daughters are getting into our makeup and damaging our makeup while making messes that we get to clean up. Our little girls make up is pretend makeup that looks and feels just like normal cosmetics, they’ll LOVE IT!

Girls Play Makeup for your Little Ones

Mini-Play Makeup was created by a mom whose daughter reminded her that she needed a play makeup experience when she was young. So she looked but couldn’t find anything that would hold her daughter’s attention. Consequently, she developed her own. One that looks and feels like real makeup, but doesn’t make any mess. Why? It’s not real makeup. It’s 100 percent fake. Sure, it looks real enough. And sure it feels real enough to your touch, but no color transfers from its surface to your skin or clothes. Realistic girls play makeup doesn’t get any better and more affordable than here at Mini Play Makeup.

Mini-Play Makeup is the only pretend makeup available that both looks and feels just like real makeup but it is not real makeup and therefore will not make a mess for you to need to clean up later. This frees you up to let her play unsupervised while you pay attention to more important matters with the peace of mind knowing that she will not make a mess while you are turned the other way for 30 seconds. Consequently, the future is a much more fun place than the past with girls play makeup that looks and feels just like the real thing but no mess for mom later.