Gifts for Little Girls


When in the market for gifts for little girls, why not try something that is both new and compelling? How many mothers have encountered their daughter getting into mom’s makeup and making a mess. Yes, it is a Kodak moment. However, no you do not want to repeat it. But, your daughter will continue to get into mom’s makeup until she out grows that stage of development. So, options are to lock it away making it inconvenient for you or to continue putting up with the mess making, which by the way, is also not enjoyable for you. In either case, mom is not enjoying this stage of life. And, quite candidly, neither is your little girl.

Gifts for Little GirlsAs a result, consider pretend makeup from as one of your gifts for little girls this year. Why? Two reasons. First, Mini-Play Makeup is not actually makeup. It looks like real makeup visually, but it’s not real. However, it doesn’t stop there. it also feels very similar to real makeup to the touch of the fingertip making it very convincing to little girls and they play with it for long periods of time. In one case that we know of, mom has bought Mini-Play pretend makeup gifts and add-ons for four straight years because her daughters played with it consistently.

One Final Reason makes this one of the better Gifts for Little Girls

Ultimately, one of the reasons you give gifts is for emotional benefits. Mini-Play Makeup kits and items make daughters smile repeatedly. But, not only this. They also make mothers smile due to the relief of no longer experiencing the messes that are created by daughters playing with their mother’s makeup. Mothers who have purchased Mini-Play Makeup report that their daughters no longer get into mom’s makeup because they are busy playing with their own Mini-Play Makeup kit. What a relief for mom! Talk about a win/win. Your daughter wins because you give her a gift for little girls that she will actually play with for a sustained period of time. And, you win as a mother because you get to experience the relief of knowing that she will not get into your makeup any longer.