Great Gifts for Little Girls – Pretend Makeup


As a mother of a young daughter, you want compelling options for good gifts for little girl(s). After all, we are talking about your little girl here. And, as such, she deserves the best. At Mini-Play Makeup, Inc. we understand completely. After all, it was a mothers’ desire for a compelling pretend makeup experience that lead her to create the concept of Mini-Play Makeup to begin with. Mothers have always wanted great gifts for little girls for their daughters since time immemorial. And you always will. And you should. Which is precisely why we created the various pretend makeup kits available at

Great Gifts for Little GirlToo elements make Mini-Play Makeup compelling to little girls, and you as her mother. The first, is that it looks like real makeup visually. Take a look at some of the photos of our pretend makeup on our website. It looks pretty realistic, doesn’t it. Well, that’s on purpose, we use real makeup containers to help create that realistic appearance. Because we know if it doesn’t look realistic, it doesn’t have a chance at holding your aspiring cover girl’s attention any longer than it would your own.

Great Gifts for Little Girl!

The Second element that makes Mini-Play Makeup a great gifts for little girl(s), and perhaps the most important, is that it feels realistic to the touch of your finger tip. Most mothers, like you, immediately examine their finger-tips after rubbing them across the surface of one of Mini-Play Makeup’s shadows or compacts. It feels that realistic! That’s what keeps your little angel’s attention for prolonged periods of play time. It’s also what keeps her out of your makeup going forward. Mothers who have purchased Mini-Play Makeup report that their daughters never get into mom’s makeup again. Why? Because they have a realistic looking and feeling pretend makeup set of their very own that they love! Which is why you will love Mini-Play Makeup as well. She’s happy, and you’re happy. Put a smile on both of your faces today with her very own pretend makeup kit from