Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls


Gifts for 6 Year Old GirlsIf you are looking for gifts for 6 year old girls than you know how challenging that can be. You want to give her something that she will cherish, use, learn from, grow with, and potentially a myriad of other reasons may be involved. But, have you considered a gift that can do all that and provide additional value to you? The best gifts give both to the giver and receiver. At we’ve developed gifts for 6 year old girls (pretend makeup) that gives to both mother and daughter. Let’s discuss both.

Our pretend makeup kits benefit daughters because they are so realistic that they play with their pretend (fake) makeup. They are realistic in that they both look real visually and feel real to the touch of your fingertip. We dare you, and your 6 year old, to pass up the temptation to look at your fingertip after rubbing it across our silky smooth fake makeup surface. She will want to because it feels like real makeup and will expect powder, cream or lotion color to transfer to her finger tip. But since it’s fake, no color will transfer. It stays put, and it never gets used up because it only looks and feels like real makeup. Which is precisely why she plays with it consistently. And don’t worry, many moms tell us they are concerned that their daughters will be disappointed that no color transfers. Yet they play with it all the time, much to moms delight!

Great Gifts for 6 year Old Girls

Mini-Play Makeup is a great gift for 6 year old girls and benefits you as a mother because our makeup kits are so realistic, yet completely mess free. They are realistic, which means she plays with her fake pretend makeup kit. And if she is playing with her fake pretend makeup kit from Mini-Play Makeup, guess what: She is no longer getting into your makeup. Your makeup time turns into valuable shared makeup time together, instead of a somewhat stressful situation with you hovering nervously to ensure that no mess is made or makeup wasted. Which is why it’s a great gift for your 6 year old girl, and for you too! Get her her very own realistic, mess free, makeup kit today!