Fantastic Gifts for 5 Year Olds – Girls


If you are a mother and are looking for gifts for girls, than you should consider a deluxe makeup kit from Why? For three very compelling reasons. First, Little girls want to be like their mothers. Why do you suppose they dress up in your clothes and shoes? It’s because they want to be like you. By extension, when it comes to a pretend makeup kit, why do you think they get into your makeup and make a mess? It’s not because they are mischievous. Although they may be at that, but the reason is because they want to “be like mom.” Pretend makeup kits from Mini-Play Makeup allow them to have their own pretend makeup and “be like mom” without a mess for you to deal with later on. So, if you are looking for gifts for your 2.5 year old to 5 year old little girl, you should consider a pretend makeup kit from miniplay makeup.

Fantastic Gifts for 5 Year OldsReason number two these make fantastic gifts for 5 year olds (girls) is not only do these kits contents look like real makeup, but they also feel like real makeup. She will think it’s real enough to keep playing with it for hours at a time and for months to years. One mother reported that her daughter has played with her Mini-Play Makeup Deluxe kit for four years! She still hasn’t out grown it and… she stopped getting into mom’s makeup on day one and never went back to it. Pretty cool, huh. Our makeup kits are perfect gifts for little girls that will put a smile on both Mom and Daughters face!

Fantastic Gifts for 5 Year Olds… and Mom Too!

So, you get to be relieved of any more makeup messes, she gets to pretend she is you and loves it. You both win. How can you beat the ever elusive win/win? Quite frankly, you can’t. You win, she wins, everybody wins. Oh, and dad wins too, because when she paints his fingernails, , , no messy cleanup for him. So, as far as gifts for 5 year olds (Girls) go, and their mothers and fathers, you can’t beat a deluxe kit from