Gifts for 5 Year Olds Girls


Like most of us, you want to give your 5 year old good gifts. You want her to smile and be eternally grateful and to never lose interest in that gift. What a relief that would be for you. As such you are constantly on the look-out for perfect gifts for 5 year old girls. Ironically enough, finding gifts for little girls shouldn’t be that hard. At least that’s the perception that we, as mothers, have. After all, how complex could that little one’s needs/wants be? As it turns out, they are not all that complex, but they are challenging. Keeping her interest is one of the bigger challenges.

Gifts for 5 Year Old GirlsSince little girls like to mimic their mothers. And, since mothers like their little girls to be happy you should consider a deluxe kit from Here is a gift that gives to both your little girl and to you. You see, Mini-Play Makeup is not real makeup. It is fake. However, it looks like real makeup and, perhaps more importantly, it feels like real makeup. It feels real enough to your little girl that she will play with it for a long time. One mother who purchased Mini-Play Makeup reported that her daughters have played with it for 4 years continuously. She keeps coming back and buying newer items each year because they play so much with it.

Great Gifts for 5 Year Old Girls & Their Moms

This same mother, and many many, others also report back that their daughters no longer get into mom’s makeup once they have their own pretend makeup kit from So, not only does your daughter smile, but so do you because she is no longer getting into your makeup. Thus, Mini-Play Makeup is on a short list of the very few near perfect gifts for 5 year old little girls, and their moms.