Gift For Little Girls


If you are looking for a great gift for little girls than you should seriously consider a fake makeup set from Mini-Play Makeup. Mini-Play Makeup makes fake, or pretend, Makeup for little girls. They have designed their pretend makeup to look like real makeup and to feel like real makeup to the touch. That’s what makes it such a great gift for little girls. It literally looks and feels like real makeup enough that your little girl will play with Mini-Play Makeup kits for hours in a day and for years over the entire life of the makeup. It is always fun to watch a mother or daughter rub their fingertip across the surface of Mini-Play Makeup and then immediately examine their fingertips to see if color has transferred from the fake makeup surface to their skin. Nothing transfers, because it is fake makeup and is one of many great gift ideas for little girls. It just looks and feels real.

A Great Gift for Little Girls, and Their Mom’s

Gift For Little GirlsThose same mothers who have purchased Mini-Play Makeup fake makeup report that their daughters have played with it for over two consecutive years after initial purchase. Perhaps the most compelling aspect of this is that these same mothers who have reported how long their daughters have played with Mini-Play Makeup have also reported that their daughters no longer got into mom’s makeup to play with it. Thus, eliminating the makeup mess that comes from little girls getting into mom’s makeup to pretend to be grown up, just like mom.

Due to the double benefit to both mom’s and daughters, Mini-Play Makeup kits have been labeled a great gift for little girls, and their mom’s. Little girls love it because it looks and feels like real makeup and thus they play with it repeatedly. Mom’s love it because their little girls stop making messes and destroying mom’s makeup after they give a makeup set to their daughters.