Have You Been Looking for Fake Make Up


Fake Make UpIf you have been looking for fake make up, you92ve probably been disappointed with what you92ve found so far. I know because I looked for it as well not too long ago. I was so fed up with what I found I decided to create my own fake make up. One that not only looked like real makeup but also felt like real makeup when you touched it as well. And I did just that. Hello, my name is Heidi, and I92m the creator of Mini-Play Makeup; a pretend makeup line for little girls. I searched far and wide before I threw my hands in the air and decided to make my own pretend makeup for my daughter.

I knew I had something when all her friends came to play and wanted only to play with my daughter92s pretend makeup. Their mothers asked about it because their daughters were asking for their own, and that92s when I decided to make Mini-Play Makeup for more than just my daughter. We92ve been helping mothers and daughters with their makeup time ever since. The secret to Mini-Play Makeup is simple. It looks like real makeup, and it feels so much like real makeup to the touch, that most mothers check their finger tips for color transfer after rubbing them across the surface of our play makeup.

You Have Found the Best Fake Make Up Available

Mini-Play Makeup is the most realistic fake makeup available on the market today. Because of that, little girls play with it longer. And as a mother, I love not having to clean up a makeup mess after that play time is over. She plays with her makeup kit whenever she wants. She also puts her makeup on while I put on mine and she is never disappointed that no color transfers to her lips or cheeks. I haven92t had to clean up a makeup mess since I created Mini-Play Makeup for my daughter. And now yours can enjoy it too.