Cool Gifts For Girls


Pretend Makeup KitIf you are looking for cool gifts for girls this holiday season, than you need to look at Mini-Play Makeup is pretend makeup for little girls. It’s pretend in that there is no real makeup involved, and consequently, it is completely mess free. In a way, it’s a gift for little girls and for moms. It’s a gift for her because she gets to play at making up just like mom, as long as she wants, and whenever she wants. And, it’s a gift for mom because there is no mess to clean up after she completes her play time for the day. I guess you could say it’s a double gift. What’s more aggravating than to discover your little one has gotten into your makeup and made a mess that you get to clean up? You want her to have makeup skills, eventually, but not today.

We Have Cool Gifts For Girls That Will Make Them Smile

Mini-Play Makeup is compelling because it was created by a mom for her daughter. It was so realistic that her daughter’s friends wanted their own set. So instead of just offering her idea to a few, she’s created a line of fake makeup for all to enjoy. The Mini-Play Makeup line is made up of numerous items that can be purchased in kits or a la carte. This way, virtually any budget can afford it.

Mini-Play Makeup lets you do just that. One of the most compelling reasons that Mini-Play Makeup is one of those cool gifts for girls is because it looks and feels just like real makeup but is not real makeup. It feels enough like real makeup to the touch that most moms immediately examine their finger tip after rubbing them across the surface of Mini-Play Makeup. Why? It feels like real makeup. It looks like real makeup too. That’s why it works so well as a toy for your little girl. She will play with it for hours–even years. Mom’s report even after two years, their daughter is still playing with their Mini-Play Makeup. Now that’s one Cool Gift for Girls!