Cool Christmas Gifts for Girls


If you have a daughter from age 3 to 8 and are looking for cool Christmas gifts for girls in that age range, than you really should consider pretend makeup from Why? Two powerful reasons. First, little girls like to mimic their mothers or other adult role models. They come to earth pre-programed that way and no amount of wishing, teaching or training to attempt to not want to mimic or emulate their mothers will change that programming. And that is ok. We have no issues with that fact. In fact, if anything Mini-Play Makeup is about harnessing that natural in-born program with good Christmas gifts for girls. So, since that exists and little girls watch their moms applying makeup, they naturally want to apply makeup also. However, as mothers, you don’t want the accompanying mess, do you?

Mini-Play Makeup, Cool Christmas gifts for Girls

Gifts for Little GirlsThat brings us to the second reason that you want to consider for your cool Christmas gifts for girls. And that reason is you mom. You see, Mini-Play Makeup is pretend makeup. Which means it is fake, which more importantly means, there is no mess for you to have to worry about. Now, don’t worry, Mini-Play makeup looks like real makeup and it also feels like real makeup. That’s the secret sauce, so to speak that keeps our little girls playing with it repeatedly. It’s a realistic pretend experience, but without the realistic mess. And mess free is stress free for moms.

Tens of Thousands of mothers, grandmothers, aunts and more have selected Mini-Play Makeup kits to help them find cool Christmas gifts for girls in their lives and they repeatedly report that their daughters play with it continuously. In one case for over 4 years. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly for you, they stopped getting into mom’s makeup once they gave their little girl their very own pretend makeup kit from Mini-Play Makeup. Now that is a cool Christmas gift for girls.