Christmas Gifts For 5 Year Olds


If you are in the market for Christmas gifts for 5 year olds, girls in particular, than you should really take a look at a pretend makeup kit from Mini-Play Makeup hand makes pretend, or fake, makeup kits for little girls who want to be just like mom and apply makeup, but whose mothers do not yet want them to actually use real makeup. The secret, and reason that Mini-Play Makeup kits make such great Christmas gifts for 5 year olds is that they make realistic looking makeup and realistic feeling makeup. That means that when you touch the surface of Mini-Play Makeup products they actually feel real to the touch.

Fun Christmas Gifts for 5 Year Old Girls

Christmas Gifts For 5 Year OldsNinety percent of moms who touch Mini-Play Makeup pretend makeup surfaces immediately examine their finger tip to see if anything transferred. It feels that real! And because it feels real, your little girls will play with it. One mother reported that her daughters have played with their pretend mini-play makeup kits for four years consistently. And she also told us that her daughters never again got into moms makeup to make another mess once they had their very own pretend makeup kits from www. That, is pretty compelling to even the most jaded among us to realize good Christmas gifts for girls are available here.

But, not only does a pretend makeup kit from mini-play makeup benefit mom. It also brings countless hours of pretend play time to your little girl. Just imagine her smile as she is turned loose to pretend applying makeup as long as she wants and wherever she wants, without supervision we might add. You know it won’t make a mess so you are much more supportive of her playing with Christmas gifts for 5 year olds such as this. She is able to do what she naturally wants to do anyway. The result? You both are smiling. Get both of your smiles today.