Childrens Play Makeup


Childrens Play MakeupWant childrens play makeup that looks real, feels real and is 100% mess free? Keep reading because you92ve found it. Mini-Play makeup is children92s play makeup that is not real. It92s fake makeup. However, it looks and feels real. So real, that you will try to rub it off your finger tip with your first encounter. You still won92t believe it with your second97it92s that believable! We get all kinds of questions about how it works and women still think it92s real makeup. The fact that our kids play makeup looks and feels real is why so many mothers get confused. But make no mistake, this is not real makeup. It is pretend makeup for children who want to play with makeup, but without the messy side effects.

Children92s Play Makeup That92s Finally Believable and 100% Fake

The founder of Mini-Play Makeup is a mom whose daughter repeatedly got into her makeup and made a mess every time. That92s only cute the first time . . . after a while it wears on you. She thought, 93There must be something out there that will keep her interest and get her out of my makeup once and for all.94 However, after months of looking she came up empty handed. So she invented her own. Now every mother can have something that keeps her daughter from making a mess out of mom92s makeup. And it92s not just a temporary fix either. We have mothers who purchased our makeup over a year ago report that their daughter is still playing with it and not making messes with mom92s makeup any longer.

Clean Up Makeup Messes One Last Time97T hen Get Mini-Play92s Children92s Play Makeup

Childrens play makeup from Mini-Play Makeup will keep your daughter out of the makeup mess making business until she92s old enough to know better, and she will love playing with it. So let your daughter play for hours with makeup and finally have your permission to do so. You won92t be sorry, and she will love it for years to come.