Children’s Fake make up


Children's Fake make upIf your experience searching for children’s fake make up is anything like my own was, than I can guess as to how fruitless your search has been. That is until now. You see, I searched high and low and found nothing that met my standards of a children’s fake make up. They were either too cheap and didn’t look or feel anything like real makeup, or they were too expensive and still didn’t look or feel anything like real makeup. Nothing I could find remotely resembled real makeup. I wanted fake make up that would grab and hold my daughters attention so she would quit getting into my own makeup and making a King Kong size mess.

I never did find what I was looking for. So, I created my own. Introducing Mini-Play Makeup, fake make up that not only looks like real makeup, but it feels like real makeup also. It never ceases to amaze me how many mothers check their finger tip after rubbing it across the surface of our makeup to see if any color transferred from the makeup to their finger tip. It feels that real, not like fake mak-up!

Your Search for the Perfect Children’s Fake make up has Ended

Turn your crazy makeup time into a fun shared experience with your daughter by getting her children’s fake make up that looks like the real thing and feels like the real thing. My daughter has never gotten tired of playing with her pretend makeup during the years that she wanted to get into my makeup. She quite making messes when I made my first prototype and I haven’t had a makeup mess ever since that time. She also started applying her makeup while I was applying mine and it became a very fulfilling fun time that we shared together about a year and one half now. Your daughter and you will both love Mini-Play Makeup.