Children’s Cosmetics


Children's CosmeticsChildren’s cosmetics are abundant these days, but not the kind I was looking for when I was searching for my own daughter. I was astonished to see real makeup packaged as play makeup, or pretend makeup. This wasn92t what I was looking for at all. First, I didn92t think that my three-year-old daughter needed to be dabbling with the real stuff. Her face was priceless and perfect as a three-year-olds should be. Second, when she did find her way into my own makeup the mess she would make would exasperate me. After months and months of searching, I could not find anything close to what I was looking for. So I decided to create my own. I knew what I wanted for her. I wanted something that looked and felt like real makeup. I wanted real brushes that she could brush across her face. I wanted children’s cosmetics that would be realistic enough that would hold her attention for hours of play.

After several attempts Mini-Play Makeup was born. It92s a children’s cosmetics line that offers everything from nail polish to compacts. The unique thing about this makeup is that it92s 100% fake and yet it feels like real makeup. So real that I92ve lost count at how many women and children check their finger tip after rubbing it across the makeup. Mini-Play Makeup offers real brushes and cosmetic cases that add to the authenticity of your little girls92 own makeup kit. Realistic colors and cases fool even the most discerning adults. My daughter and her friends play with their makeup for hours. The best part about their makeup parties is that there isn92t a thing to clean up afterwards. The only not real item is the fake cosmetics, the kids will smile from ear to ear!

Mini-Play Makeup offers the Most Realistic Childrens Cosmetics on the Market Today

I think the most gratifying feedback that I get about our childrens cosmetic line is that little girls are still playing with it even after eighteen months of owning it. There92s nothing more frustrating to me as a parent than to buy something for my children to play with only to be played with for a few days and then tossed aside. You92ll find great satisfaction with Mini-Play Makeup. Your daughter will love it and you will too.