Cheap Christmas Gifts for Girls


So, you have a girl on your gift list and you are looking for cheap Christmas gifts for girls because you also have a budget. Most of us do so we fully understand. Consider the mini clutch kit from mini-play makeup found here. The mini clutch kit (either pink or black) is the entry level kit from and comes in at a very affordable price of $19.99. Mini-Play Makeup is a pretend makeup toy company that hand makes fake makeup products that look and feel so real you won’t believe your fingertip. No matter how many times your rub it across the surface of our pretend makeup. And that’s what makes their entry level clutch purse kits such excellent Christmas gifts for girls.

Cool Cheap Christmas Gifts for Girls Available Here

Cheap Christmas Gifts for GirlsFake Makeup? What’s that? Well, quite simply, it is a toy that looks like real makeup that you give to your daughter who is at that precocious age range of getting into your makeup, making a mess and leaving you to clean it up and replace the damaged makeup for yourself. That’s not cheap. However, Mini-Play Makeup are great cheap Christmas gifts for girls that feel so real that your daughter will quit getting into your makeup when she gets her very own pretend makeup kit. She wins because she has her very own makeup kit. You win because she no longer gets into your makeup to destroy it and make a mess.

That’s what makes Mini-Play Makeup kits a cheap Christmas gifts for girls. They start at a value price and they prevent future expenses for you by keeping her playing with her very own pretend play makeup kit. Sure it’s fake, that’s what makes it mess free. But we’ve designed it so it not only looks real, but so that it also feels real to the touch. And that’s what makes all the difference. One mother told us her daughters have played with their Mini-Play Makeup kits for 4 years. They play with them regularly still! And she also told us they never got into her makeup again since that time which makes this a good Christmas gift for girls! Great Value for you both.