Buy Pretend Makeup


Buy Pretend MakeupMake sure you buy pretend makeup that looks and feels just like the real thing. You see, most pretend makeup that is available is really cheap plastic that neither looks or feels like real makeup. Or, it is made out of wood that is quite expensive, but it doesn92t look or feel like real makeup either. The most annoying kind of pretend makeup is the stuff that92s actually real and not pretend at all. Only one product lets you buy pretend makeup that looks and feels like real makeup. Yet, it has none of the nasty side effects that take place when mixing small children with real makeup. You know what I mean. All is quiet, you start to wonder where your child is, you can92t find them, and you start to worry. Your hide an seek mission ends with your makeup scattered all over the floor and a child that has painted her face, clothes, floor, the furniture and everything else within range. While this image is worthy of a photo or video; you don92t really want to repeat it. Consequently, you want to buy pretend makeup97the stuff that92s not real.

Are you Looking to Buy Pretend Makeup?

The only product on the market today that looks and feels like real makeup97yet is 100% fake97is Mini-Play Makeup. Mini-Play Makeup allows you to buy pretend makeup that was designed by a mother for mothers. Her daughter created the scene that we described earlier. But with Mini-Play Makeup, it hasn92t happened since.

Buy Pretend Makeup That Ends the Mess

Mini-Play Makeup is the makeup that you want to buy for your little one. It looks like real makeup. See the images for yourself on our website. Not only that, but we are constantly amazed at how little girls as well as mothers react when they rub their finger tip across the surface of our pretend makeup. They look at their finger tip to see if any color transferred off the makeup to their finger tip. When they see nothing, they rub their finger tip on it again and double check it. They comment that 93it feels like real makeup.94 It92s soft and smooth, and it will keep your little one out of your makeup once and for all.