Unique Birthday Gifts for Little Girls


Birthday Gifts for Little GirlsIf you are looking for gifts for little girls for birthdays, holidays, or even for average days and want something compelling and unique, than you definitely want to look at the makeup kits from Mini-Play Makeup at miniplaymakeup.com. One of life’s interesting ironies is that when our children are teens they want nothing less than to be like their parents. However, during their early years, our children want to be like their mother or father. Little girls play dress up and get into mom’s makeup to apply it, “just like mommy.” Little boys pretend to be their hero too by pretending to be like dad.

Mini-Play Makeup kits are designed for you and your little girls for those years when she wants to be like you, mom. During those years she is getting into your makeup, destroying it and making a wonderful mess for you to clean up later. Yuck! Mini-Play Makeup is actually a great birthday gift for little girls, and their mothers because it is 100% mess free. It is NOT real makeup. However it looks like real makeup and feels like real makeup. It looks and feels real so she will play with it instead of getting into your makeup and making a mess for you to clean up… what a relief!

Birthday Gifts for Little Girls and their Moms

Mini-Play Makeup kits look and feel like real makeup, making them great as birthday gifts for little girls and their moms because she will stop getting into your makeup and making a mess for you to clean up. Whew! Another reason is because, as previously pointed out, she wants to be like mom and is going to pretend anyway, you have given her a creative outlet to use her imagination and “be like mom.” She will love it, you will love it, and you both get value out of the experience. She smiles and you smile.