Birthday Gifts for 5 Year Olds


Birthday Gifts for Little GirlsAs mothers with daughters, we know that they can be challenging in many many ways. They can also be very rewarding. One of the more challenging areas can be connected to something as simple as giving a gift to them. if you have a 5 year old daughter and are not yet ready for her to start using real makeup. Consider pretend makeup from as one of the birthday gifts for your 5 year old. As a mother you are well aware of the virtues of makeup. You are also aware of the dark side of makeup when it comes to your daughter. Pretend makeup, or “fake makeup” from miniplay makeup has the virtues, without the vices tied to real makeup, making it one of the better girls birthday gifts for 5 year olds .

How so? Mini-Play Makeup makes fake makeup that looks like real makeup, but is not real. It appears real enough for your daughter to play with for hours and hours. However, it doesn’t stop with appearing like real makeup. It also feels like real makeup to the touch of your finger tip. Countless mothers rub the tip of their finger across the surface of Mini-Play Makeup fake makeup products and immediately examine their finger tip to see if any color transferred from the surface of the pretend makeup to their finger. But, don’t worry. Its 100 percent mess free because it is not really makeup. It just looks and feels like real makeup. Which is why it is such a great girls birthday gifts for 5 year olds. Or from 3-8 years of age really.

Great Birthday Gifts for 5 Year Olds – Put a Smile on Their Face

One mother told us that her daughters have played with their Mini-Play makeup kits for 4 years! Most of us can count on one hand how many toys are played with for more than one year and not even reach our thumb. Pretend Makeup from Mini-Play Makeup one of the great birthday gifts for little girls if you are not yet ready for her to start using real makeup. And she will play with it for years giving you both satisfaction and smiles.