Birthday Gift Ideas For Little Girls


Like most of us, you want good birthday gift ideas for little girls when it comes to shopping for your daughter or granddaughter. Here’s one that you won’t find in any store; Pretend, fake, makeup from Mini-Play Makeup. The founder of Mini-Play Makeup was doing the same thing you are, searching for birthday gift ideas for little girls when she wanted to find something that would keep her daughter out of her makeup. When she couldn’t find anything, she went to work creating her own. And viola, Mini-Play Makeup was created.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Little Girls, and Their Mothers

Birthday Gift Ideas For Little GirlsWhy is Mini-Play Makeup such a great birthday gift ideas for little girls? There are three reasons. First, Mini-Play Makeup looks like real makeup. Real makeup containers are used to simulate an authentic makeup experience. So, the fake makeup looks very much like the real thing. Second, Mini-Play Makeup feels like real makeup to the touch. It never ceases to amaze as someone rubs their fingertip across the surface of Mini-Play Makeup and then immediately examine their finger tip to see if any color rubbed off the fake makeup surface. Nothing transfers from our gift ideas for little girls makeup to any other surface. It’s fake. There is no lotion, powder, liquid, etc. It only looks and feels like real makeup.

Third, Mini-Play Makeup doesn’t make a mess like real makeup does when little girls start attempting to copy their mothers using their mothers’ real makeup. So, breathe easy moms. Mini-Play Makeup is as much for you as it is for her. Mothers who have purchased Mini-Play Makeup report back that their daughter still play regularly with their makeup kits even over two years later. They also report that since buying Mini-Play Makeup kits their daughters quit getting into mom’s makeup. So, goodbye mess, hello, turn her loose with fake makeup from Mini-Play Makeup and no more worries about cleaning up a mess later on.