Best Travel Toys for Toddlers


Best Travel Toys for ToddlersOne of the absolute best travel toys for toddlers is a mess-free fake makeup set for little girls. Several reasons make this a very compelling travel toy. First, it’s mess free and quiet! This makes for a less stressful trip for everyone. Second, because it can entertain for hours, if you are traveling that long. However, your play makeup set must look and feel real in order to hold her attention. The best fake makeup available on the market today is Mini-Play Makeup, because it looks like real makeup. It also feels like real makeup. Most importantly, because it looks like and feels like the real thing it will entertain your little one for a longer period of time. Not only do we carry the best travel toys for toddlers, but Mothers who purchased Mini-Play Makeup report back two years later that their little girls still play with it regularly and for long periods of time. They also report that their daughters no longer get into mom’s makeup anymore.

Mini-Play Makeup was created by a mother whose daughter kept getting into her makeup and making a big mess every time. She grew tired of the expense and cleanup so she started searching for a solution. When she couldn’t find one, she decided to create her own for her toddlers while traveling in the car, train, plane or wherever and whenever the need arose.. After months of research and experimentation, Mini-Play Makeup was born. Now, her daughter no longer gets into her makeup, and perhaps more importantly, she plays with her Mini-Play Makeup kit for hours and she has for several years now. She’s not alone. Moms continue to tell us how much their little girls love their pretend makeup kits.

Your List of Best Travel Toys for Toddlers Needs to Include Mini-Play Makeup

For a mess-free and stress-free travel experience for all, make sure that you include a Mini-Play Makeup kit in your travel essentials bag prior to your next trip. Both you and your daughter will be glad you did. Our travel toys for toddlers are mess free and easy for travel.