Best Toddler Travel Toys


Best Toddler Travel ToysAt Mini-Play Makeup, our mission is to provide real value to mom’s and daughters the world over with a compelling pretend makeup play experience. Our current offering enables us to offer one of the best toddler travel toys as well as one of the best overall toys available today. After all, what do we look for when we’re looking for a solid travel toy for our toddlers? First, quiet! That one requires little shouting to understand why that might be one of the criterion. But, when we are in a vehicle with others, we want that to be a pleasant experience. That eliminates shouting or crying as possible activities that need to be considered. It also closely scrutinizes any type of toys that would induce our children to make sounds such as motors or engines, or other possible noise generating inducements.

Toddler Travel Toys that Don’t Make a Mess

Second, it needs to be a toy that doesn’t make a mess. After all, who wants to clean up after play time. Our children have certainly demonstrated that they have no interest in cleaning up after themselves. And we recognize that parents don’t want to spend their time cleaning up after play time either. Mini-Play makeup is fake makeup (hey, we make toys, not makeup) so it is both quiet and it does not create any messes for either you or your child to clean up. This makes it among one of the best toddler travel toys for your daughter that you can find today. Some other considerations that you may want to keep in mind include, but are not limited to: size, durability, believability (how similar it is to the real thing). A boy doesn’t play well with a sword that looks more like a cane, and girls don’t play with fake makeup that doesn’t make them believe it looks enough like the real thing). Mini-Play makeup checks out on all these fronts as well. We love hearing from parents
about their toddlers travel toys and how they were great in the car or plane!